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While Costa Rica is perhaps most well-known for its beaches and major cities such as San José, there are countless other areas of the country to explore.

Traveling off the beaten path allows you to experience Costa Rica's sought-after natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle in an immersive and memorable way. From mountain villages nestled on towering peaks to hamlets surrounded by verdant rainforests, Costa Rica has plenty of diverse locations and adventures to offer.


For a trip that can lead to a lifetime of memories, consider adding a few days in Naranjo to your itinerary.

This village in the heart of Costa Rica's second-largest province offers visitors the chance to experience locally-grown coffee along with a perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

The Pura Vida Lifestyle

The touted "pura vida" lifestyle Costa Rica is famous for can be easily found in both small and large villages across the country, including Naranjo.

In an area built upon generations of agriculture (the town is named for the orange trees that once dominated the landscape) and surrounded by rich natural wonders and resources, it's no surprise the locals have perfected the art of living with an optimistic and laid-back attitude. Hard work may be a necessary part of life, but it's generally balanced with rest, relaxation, and a focus on the simple pleasures of life. Naranjo, along with the entire Alajuela province, is an excellent place to experience this worry-free outlook for yourself.

Adventure Awaits

While it may seem like relaxing, eating, and drinking coffee are the highlights of Naranjo, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure-seekers to have their fill of adrenaline.

If you've been waiting to try the heart-pounding thrill of Costa Rica bungee jumping, Naranjo is the place to be! Several adventure companies are located right in the heart of downtown. They provide various opportunities for bungee jumping, including the chance to jump from the Colorado River Bridge. Dive toward the water located over 250 feet below for a truly unforgettable experience and an epic story to bring home from your trip.

Coffee and so Much More

Traveling to Naranjo offers far more than a chance to taste the famed Costa Rica coffee. You can experience all the unique aspects of a town built by and for coffee farmers.

Coffee production is an essential industry for Naranjo; in fact, this village provides most of the coffee for the entire province. Enjoy an espresso or cup of coffee at any one of the town's numerous cafés and savor the benefits of a drink made from local beans grown, harvested, and roasted by true artisans who've honed their craft for generations.

You may also be able to participate in a tour of one of the local coffee plantations.

Coffee isn't the only gourmet treat you can look forward to; grab a table or find a street vendor for some outstanding local food that's a welcome change from big-city chain restaurants.

Naranjo is home to numerous eateries featuring delicious Costa Rican fare, including chicharron's that are famous among locals and visitors alike.

Architecture and Culture

Naranjo is home to a beautiful church fashioned after the baroque style that's an excellent site for tourists who enjoy architecture and history.

If you're looking for locally-made items and handicrafts, you can take a quick trip to the Sarchi , a small town a few miles west. You can also enjoy the rich landscapes and natural vistas Costa Rica is known for with a scenic drive to the Northern Lowlands. Naranjo itself is less than 30 miles from the capital city of San José, so it's an easy addition to your travel plans

Get the most out of your vacation by experiencing Costa Rica's Pura Vida lifestyle first hand. A short drive in the Alajuela province is all you need to enjoy Naranjo's excellent coffee, local culture, and thrilling adventures.

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